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Post by JacQkx215 on Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:20 pm

A new gambling website with its own game system,
Opened on CSGO game since 18/10.
We do not claim to be the best but more innovative than all this leaked sources sites.

[How our system works ?]
- Deposit items (min 0.5$) on the site-based inventory.
- Bet using the site-based inventory.
- Withdraw all your gains or just some weapons.

[Timer & Flash round]
One of the innovations in our bet system is the flash round and a different game timer,
When there is 2 players, a timer starts :
- If a player bets, the timer is reset then the timer time decreased.
- If the timer reaches the end, a flash round is starting : it's the snipe time (random from 500ms to 2000s) all players can bet.
- When then flash round is closed, the winner is selected, then a new round is started.

For more infos about our system and taxes, read:


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